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This is me

For over four years, I have been professionally combining two worlds: business and art, including running my own photography business. I have experience in achieving business goals as a project coordinator. Thanks to this, I was able to freely use UX tools in practice and work on the needs of users. I have conducted dozens of in-depth interviews and workshops using business strategy tools.


Currently I am turning into UX/UI Design and actively expanding my knowledge in User Experience.

Desire to learn  Results -oriented 
 Logical Thinking 

 Self - directed   Thinking outside the box

 Problem solving    Creative 
 Interpersonal skills  Critical observation

St. Luke’s Clinic is a medical centre for patients with tick-borne diseases. Medical doctors at St. Luke’s also do supporting oncological therapies. In addition to patients from Poland, the clinic visits many foreign patients, mainly from Scandinavian countries.

During the first wave of the pandemic, patients reduced the number of stationery visits. The aim was to find out how to provide them with a sense of safety during the visit and encourage them to return for another treatment.

Recent projects

Omni-Biotic is a brand of probiotics well known on the German and Austrian market. In the beginning of 2020 Omni-Biotic probiotics were launched in Poland by CMSL company, where I’d worked. Our role as distributors was increase in sales by 100 packages of probiotics per month.

Photographers who want to start earning money on their passion often face similar problems: how to sell their services, stand out on the market, how to price their work, or how to improve photo processing. The workshops were created for novice photographers, who would like to set their own career path depending on their talents, expectations and beliefs.

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