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My role: Service designer

About project:

Photographers who want to start earning money on their passion often face similar problems: how to sell their services, stand out on the market, how to price their work, or how to improve photo processing. The workshops were created for novice photographers, who would like to set their own career path depending on their talents, expectations and beliefs.


- Creating a marketing strategy based on social media,

- identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the business,

- setting the direction for the development of the photographer's brand,

- selecting tools to facilitate work and development.


I met 1: 1 with each workshop participant to talk about their business. During the two-hour meeting, we talked and conducted exercises and tools typical for UX and business. I played the role of the researcher and impartially led the photographer through the process. Depending on the photographer's level of advancement, we created a business model, a persona (as a vision of an ideal client), SWOT analysis, Value Proposition Canvas, and finally we developed a strategy to achieve the goal.

Although it might seem that the group of photographers is similar, each meeting brought completely different results. Besides the obvious skill of taking photos, each participant focused on the sectors they could develop.

One of the participants decided to develop the business by traveling abroad and working with local clients, another, on the contrary, found a niche in her hometown. Another decided to develop customer service and offer her clients not only photos, but full experience.

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