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St. Luke’s clinic is a medical centre for patients with tick-borne diseases. Medical doctors at St. Luke’s also do supporting oncological therapies. In addition to patients from Poland, the clinic visits many foreign patients, mainly from Scandinavian countries.

During the first wave of the pandemic, patients reduced the number of stationery visits. The aim was to find out how to provide them with a sense of safety during the visit and encourage them to return for another treatment.


- define patients' needs during and after the visit,

- checking patients' satisfaction with the services,

- finding patient service points that need improvement,

- leaving a positive impression after the visit.


The easiest and cheapest way to examine patients' needs was to create an online survey and send it directly to our patients. However, in order to construct the appropriate questions, we had to carefully examine the group to which we directed our survey and get acquainted with the current epidemiological situation.

I started with the analysis of available data. It showed that the number of visits from foreign patients (due to mobility restrictions) has decreased twice, and patients are much more likely to use our e-services. In the surveys, we decided to ask a lot of questions about the e-visits but also how information about safety in clinic affects well-being of patients.

The next step was to talk to employees of all departments about working with patients. It turned out that staff see clear differences between foreign and Polish patients: starting from the course of the visit, ending with expectations and giving feedback. We listed these differences, and then decided to create two questionnaires: one for Polish patients, the other for foreign patients.

The main difference of both questionnaires was, of course, the language in which they were written.

Next difference was in the service. The first visit of foreign patients is often a comprehensive service. It starts with assistance in the preparation of medical documentation and ends with help with finding accommodation in Gdańsk and transport from the airport. We had to keep that in mind creating survey. The English-language version also includes more questions about patient service beyond the visit and his feelings. Most of them like to use a stationery suplement store which is not so popular among polish patients.

Polish patients, on the other hand, focus more on the visit itself. We decided to ask them more questions about the medical visit and its consequences or sense of security in the clinic. Elements that were the same in both questionnaires were, for example, assessment of a doctor's appointment, cooperation with the registration department or simplicity of arranging the first visit.

Conclusions after receiving feedback:


- most of the patients would return or recommend the Center to their friends;

- there are treatments and departments rated by patients as outstanding;


- the need to simplify arranging the first visit.

- development of the e-visit system:

- purchasing more software licenses,

- creating detailed software manual for the patients;

- the need to improve communication on the doctor-assistant-registration line;

- expanding the assortment of a stationary store (patients coming from Scandinavian countries prefer to make supplementary purchases every few months and they really love to shop in Poland)

- patients closely observe the staff and feel safe when the employees takes all possible precautions; the lack of even one, e.g. a mask lowered under the nose, reduces trust and the desire to return to the center,

Thanks to the survey and the conclusions drawn from it, the quality team was able to start working to improve patient safety and satisfaction.

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